Javascript reminder #1 Spread syntax

Okay, a quick reminder on Spread Syntax

If you have a Javascript function that you call with

average(1, 2, 3);

function average(x, y, z){
// Average of the three numbers

You are limited to just three properties/arguments. Not very useful if you have more or less numbers you want to find an average. Using Spread Syntax we don’t have to worry about the number of values passed

function average(...args) {
  var sum = 0;
  for (let value of args) {
    sum += value;
  return sum / args.length;

average(2, 3, 4, 5); // 3.5

The Spread Syntax ( the three dots{name}) includes all the unknown values.  It gets better still

var averageMethod = 'mode';
var roundTo = 2; /Decimal places
doThing( averageMethod, [2,4,3,6,10,19], roundTo);

function doThing(method, ...valuesToAverage, roundTo)
// Calculate averages

And Spread Syntax can be used when creating arrays

var parts = ['shoulders', 'knees']; 
var lyrics = ['head',, 'and', 'toes']; 
// ["head", "shoulders", "knees", "and", "toes"]

Good eh?